June 2021

June 16th, 2021

Gerald Weston

Dear Brethren and Co-workers with Christ,

What a privilege it is to have a part in the very Work of God on earth at the end of this present evil age! Consider the world’s population and how few it is indeed who understand the purpose for which God put us here on earth—not to “get our wings” to become angels, but to be born into the very family of God as brothers and sisters of Christ. Please do not take my word for this. Open your Bible and read these passages of scripture: Romans 8:14-17, Hebrews 2:6-17, and 2 Corinthians 6:16-18; and order your copy of Your Ultimate Destiny.

There is a spirit being, Satan the devil, who knows the potential for which God created mankind and he is pulling out all stops to thwart and destroy God’s plan as he sees his time running out. That is the main reason for the LGBTQ+ movement. A few years ago some of you may have thought that we spent too much time talking about this subject, but it should be obvious to all by now that this agenda is aimed squarely against God, who created us male and female for a wonderful purpose.

I hope you take time to read in the June 2021 Tomorrow’s World magazine Mr. Wallace Smith’s article on cancel culture, where he points out that one biblical truth after another is being canceled by the woke mob that has far too many sensible people fearful of speaking up lest they be painted as bigots, have their grades docked, and even lose their jobs. I also hope you will read in the July 2021 Tomorrow’s World magazine Dr. Douglas Winnail’s insightful article “What’s Behind the War on History?,” which gives a historical overview, tracing the roots of this destructive leftist totalitarian movement, to show how we arrived where we are today.

I am beginning this Member and Co-worker letter from a conference center in the mountains of North Carolina where Mr. Jonathan McNair is overseeing one of our Men’s Training Camps. Men from eleven surrounding states are coming together to consider what it means to be a man in a world where some are not only demeaning masculinity but even questioning the necessity of men. That is cancel culture in the extreme!

Can you imagine the uproar if the opposite were called for—the cancelation of women? The very question demonstrates the extreme hypocrisy of leftist feminists and their allies. It is difficult to believe that the majority in Western nations really believe these radical ideas, but most fear speaking up. Not so here at Tomorrow’s World where, as instructed in Isaiah 58:1, we cry out—in our magazine, our literature, our telecast, and through the Internet—against the sins of our nations.

The promotion of these amoral behaviors is no longer on the fringe and our children and grandchildren at the youngest ages are being targeted. Yahoo.com recently posted an article about Nickelodeon—a cable channel for children—celebrating Pride Month with an animated drag queen leading a sing-along to a very catchy tune—one that will stick in the heads of small children everywhere.

In the video, an animated version of [drag queen Nina] West leads a Pride parade featuring adorable furry critters as she [excuse me, he] sings along to the melody of “The Ants Go Marching.” The song includes updated LGBTQ-inclusive lyrics celebrating the diversity of queer families, the importance of loving people for exactly who they are and the joys of allyship.

Notice the word “allyship.” Yes, the entire LGBTQ+ movement relies on shallow-thinking allies. The article continues:

“This family has two mommies. They love each other so proudly and they all go marching in the big parade,” West sings before spotlighting another family featuring two dads.

As the parade continues marching, the song expands to more people in the LGBTQ community, including those who are trans and nonbinary (“‘Blue’s Clues’ rings in LGBTQ Pride with new sing-along, starring drag queen Nina West,” June 1, 2021).

Two comments on the website from individuals who watched the link sum it up succinctly: “Disgusting and totally inappropriate. This country has lost its way.” And, “If you never realized before that THEY are coming for our children, HERE is your wakeup call!” Sadly, Nickelodeon is not alone in promoting this agenda to children. Sesame Street confirmed plans to have another famous cross-dressing homosexual appear with Elmo on a future episode.

Consider, dear friends, where our world was five years ago and how it has spiraled down morally to where it is today. Then consider where we may be in five years. The thought is chilling! It is no coincidence that our moral decline is accompanied by the worst pandemic in a hundred years, by financial troubles, by severe weather upsets, by a crisis in government, and by cyberattacks demanding millions of dollars in ransom and causing massive disruptions in basic services.

The United States is more divided than it has been since the Civil War. Israel averted a fifth election in two years by cobbling together a coalition of parties with radically different agendas. Whether the United Kingdom will remain intact is yet to be seen, as Scotland and Northern Ireland weigh their options in the wake of Brexit. Central and South American nations are seeing their populations rising up in protests against corrupt or ineffective governments. And Europe is still trying to find its soul.

Meanwhile, this Work continues to expand on an upward trajectory. Two new employees joined us at the Charlotte office this week to boost our Internet reach and we continue to train and hire new ministers to serve our congregations around the world. The July Tomorrow’s World magazine subscription list has increased by 50,000 since January and 139,000 since July of last year—and now stands at 474,000. Thank you for making this possible! And thank God, for He is the One who magnifies our human efforts!

How long do we have to finish this Work? We will continue speaking out about the sins of our nations, warning them about where our immoral behaviors will lead. We will also continue proclaiming the good news that Jesus Christ will return to take over the rulership of this world and bring what mankind has proven incapable of bringing—peace, harmony, and prosperity to all peoples (Zechariah 14:9; Micah 4:1-4; Acts 1:6-11). We will also point out the hope of the resurrection, which many proclaim but have no understanding of what that really means, even though the scriptures are clear on the subject (Luke 19:11-27; Revelation 5:9-10; 20:4).

At the Men’s Training Camp, several of us were discussing how we all have known individuals who are, by all outward appearances, true followers of Christ, but who have never been baptized as the Scriptures command. I mentioned a young man I knew many years ago who was in that situation and how he came to me and explained, “I keep the Sabbath and Holy Days. I tithe faithfully. I live a God-centered life. But for what? If I died tonight, it would all be for nothing for I haven’t deeply repented of my sins, accepted Christ as my Savior, and symbolically buried who I am in the watery grave of baptism.” (See Romans 6:1-7.) How many others need to come to the same realization?

We are told in Amos 8:11, “‘Behold, the days are coming,’ says the Lord God, ‘That I will send a famine on the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the Lord.’” How much longer do we have to do this Work? We do not know, but clearly time is short. Cyber warfare has already begun. We are well into a war being waged against God and the Bible. A civil war looms on America’s horizon. How that could change the world!

Thank you, dear friends, for your loyal support, both financially and in your heartfelt prayers. God tells us our efforts are not in vain. There is a reward to come (John 4:35-36). Now is no time to fall asleep spiritually!

Sincerely, in Christ’s service,
Gerald E. Weston