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Join Living University for our Tenth Year of Learning!

July / August 2016

Scott D. Winnail

LU LogoOn August 15, 2007, Living University opened its virtual doors to 150 students from 18 nations. At that time, we offered only three classes and few had any idea of what to expect. As the years have passed, LU has added numerous classes and credential programs, and has graduated dozens of people from around the globe. As we work to “Recapture True Values,” we also continue to improve our curriculum and our classes by putting Ecclesiastes 9:10 into practice: “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might….”

This academic year is an exciting time for Living University, and August marks the start of its tenth year of operation! Over the last nine years, more than a thousand brethren in dozens of nations around the globe have taken LU classes. More high school-aged young people are taking online classes and are taking advantage of our Early College program with its sizeable tuition discount. Many senior citizens also take advantage of our tuition waiver available to those over age 65. In fact, our oldest student to date was age 92. A few dozen additional young people have also studied in-residence in both Charlotte, North Carolina and Adelaide, South Australia.

As we prepare to start another semester, we are pleased to offer several of the core classes in our theology curriculum. Many of the lectures for these classes were developed and recorded by Dr. Roderick Meredith, Mr. Richard Ames and Dr. Douglas Winnail. These classes include THL 135—Life, Ministry and Teachings of Jesus, THL 211—Old Testament Survey I, and THL 200—Principles of Christian Living. The Bible courses delve into the Gospels and the Old Testament on a level that few have studied, and most of our students in these courses are surprised by how much they learn and how applicable this knowledge is to their everyday Christian lives. Here are some comments from a few past students:

  • “I already have encouraged others to take this class because it is so helpful in improving our understanding of the circumstances and conditions during the time of the ministry of Christ.”
  • “I personally feel that LU gives understanding that Christians cannot gain on their own or even from regularly attending services and watching sermons on their own time.”
  • “As Dr. Meredith pointed out in a number of his lectures, Christ’s teachings represent one of the most important parts of the Bible. So by taking time to delve into Christ’s life, ministry and teachings you are able to feed on Christ and put on His mind.”
  • “This course gave me a deeper understanding of the Old Testament and opened up Scripture to me in ways I would have never otherwise learned. It has brought the Old Testament to life for me, deeply increased my knowledge of God and has connected the entire Old Testament together.”

In addition to the three core theology courses just mentioned, Living University will offer some more advanced Bible classes this Fall, including an end-time prophecy class on Daniel and Revelation. We also plan to offer new and unique classes on Christian-living topics and general education classes in English and business that can benefit everyone. See the complete list of Fall 2016 classes in the box to the left.

The biggest difficulty reported by many students in taking Living University classes is insufficient time. Although this is a very real challenge, most successful students find that good time management can often make LU classes not only doable, but also exciting. In reality, we tend to make time for those things that matter most in our lives—and LU is certainly an important opportunity to consider making time for, if you have not already done so.

Why not take advantage of the opportunity to strengthen your own spiritual foundation or build some additional writing or budgeting skills? Plan to take a Living University class that begins on August 15, 2016. You can enroll in the university’s Open Learning Program and take several courses before having to meet regular admission requirements. You can also take a course as an “auditor” rather than “for credit” (if you prefer not to take exams or write papers). Even high school students can enroll in LU’s Early College Program and take specific courses while completing their high school requirements. For Early College students, the tuition is greatly discounted.

To enroll and to learn more about the full range of courses being offered, visit us on the Web at If you need some additional time to examine the course offerings, plan and save up tuition, classes for the Spring semester will begin on January 11, 2017.

If you are interested in learning more about which Living University courses may be right for you, visit our Web site or contact Assistant Registrar, Mrs. Michelle Broussard at [email protected] or by phone at (704) 708–2294. For the 2016–17 academic year, the on-campus student placements have already been made; but if you are thinking about the possibility of LU on-campus study in the future, do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Broussard to begin the application process.

Fall 2016 Course Offerings

THL 110A   —Tomorrow’s World Bible Study Course (this course goes into far more detail than the Church’s online and print versions)

THL 135     — Life, Ministry and Teachings of Jesus

THL 200     — Principles of Christian Living

THL 211     — Old Testament Survey I

THL 320     — Introduction to Church History

THL 326     — (New) Christian Service and Leadership

THL 332     — The Biblical Text

THL 344     — Christian Women

THL 412     — Epistles of Paul I

THL 439     — (New) Biblical Prophecy III: Daniel and Revelation

BUS 223    — Personal and Family Finance

EDUC 346 — Teaching in the Christian Home

ENGL 111  — Written Expression

HPRO 114 — Health and Wellness

NUTR 207  — Introductory Nutrition

For detailed course descriptions be sure to visit our Web site,