Living Church News

Volume 19, No. 5, September/October 2017

Understanding Hebrews 11:1

Personal Gerald E. Weston

Dear Brethren, What is the relationship between faith and evidence? Do you personally know? Are you sure?

Find Joy in the Morning this Feast!

Scott D. Winnail

Each year, we are commanded to attend the Feast of Tabernacles in the location that God chooses to place His name (Deuteronomy 14:23). And each year, most of God’s people diligently and joyfully travel to these festival locations around the globe,…

Jonah the Reluctant Prophet (Or, What it Means to Be "At One")

Peter G. Nathan

The Book of Jonah is a book of prophecy about which most everyone, from the smallest toddler to the eldest in the congregation, knows something. Did you realize that the book is read in synagogues on the afternoon of the Day of Atonement? …

He Will Return

Gary F. Ehman

If you had all the physical wealth you needed, along with all the talent, political power, and resources available to you to accomplish it, what would you most desperately want to do in this, your physical life? Some may want to cure cancer, stop…

The Beautiful Truth of the Last Great Day

Wallace G. Smith

What is the fate of those who die having never known Jesus Christ? Indeed, most who have lived and died have never even heard of Him! Will God only save a few in this life, allowing the many billions who’ve walked the earth without any real…

For Signs and Seasons

Commentary Jonathan Bueno

It’s peculiar what can trigger our memories: sights, smells, a song, etc. In my particular case, trimming an overgrown inbox recently brought to mind fond memories, going back years ago.