LCN Article
Living Education Begins

May / June 2018

Jonathan McNair

Beginning in August, our new Living Education program will pick up the educational baton from Living University. Over the past eleven years, our staff and faculty at Living University have worked tirelessly to provide a high-quality educational experience through its online framework. With more restrictive regulations in place, more and more states were blocking non-accredited colleges and universities from offering classes within their borders. Ultimately, the decision was made to fold the Living University class material into a new program, Living Education.

The Living Education program is focused on building a solid foundation of biblical knowledge and understanding for the membership of the Living Church of God. Three specific areas will be targeted.

First, we have established Living Education–Charlotte. This will be a Charlotte-based, face-to-face program geared toward young adults, both male and female. It will be an affordable, nine-month, full-time program for those aged 18–30. For our young men and women just completing high school, this program will prepare them for further education and a career. Our aim is to help them build a solid understanding of the word of God, preparing them as defenders of the faith and pillars in the Church. Mr. Ken Frank, Dr. Scott Winnail and I will serve as our core instructors and mentors, with guest instruction from Mr. Gerald Weston, Mr. Richard Ames, and other ministers here at Headquarters. The classes will focus on a basic understanding of the Old and New Testaments, the fundamental doctrines of the Church, and applying the Bible in daily life. Students will also have the opportunity to build friendships with like-minded young people, through lots of activities in the Charlotte area. The Charlotte congregation provides a warm welcome to students and the staff at the Headquarters office creates a positive and enthusiastic environment in which students will learn and grow. 

The Living Education–Online program will be an innovative approach toward online learning. Beginning in August, members and prospective members of the Living Church of God will have the opportunity to enroll and participate in classes such as "Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ," "Acts of the Apostles," "The Epistles of Paul" and more. Each month will bring the introduction of a new class, covering topics from Christian Living to Prophecy. There is no cost for enrolling in a class. Upon enrollment and the start of the class, a new lesson will be made available every three days over the course of the month. Each lesson will include a video/audio component, a study guide, a written lesson and access to additional material. These lessons are ideal to listen to in the car while travelling, and the study material is perfect for your personal Bible Study. In addition, each area pastor will receive an Instructor's Guide for each month's class, with additional information to help individuals in their studies. For those without Internet access, the pastor will have the ability to print out lessons. This approach, linking pastors and members together in a study of the Bible, should be a powerful tool in building and binding congregations together!

The third component of our program will involve a continuing education program for our ministry. As an educational support system, Living Education–Ministry will strengthen our congregations by strengthening our pastors.

Living Education is about building the Church through education. As learners together, we grow stronger in our ability to serve God and His Work.

Whether you want to begin the free online classes or find out more about our new on-campus program in Charlotte, it all starts in the same place: Come join us!