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New Zealand Camp: Four Years Running!

November / December 2019

Tony Leman

We held our fourth successive LYP NZ camp earlier this year in January. It was another “record breaker” year, with 32 campers attending—12 girls and 20 boys, joined by four mini-campers. They came from all over the country, as well as from Australia, the Philippines, and Vanuatu. Helping the camp run smoothly were its 28 staff members, who served with enthusiasm, dedication, willingness, and a desire to fulfil their roles effectively. Like the campers, the staff, too, came from a variety of locations, including Australia, the Philippines, and the United States. It was wonderful to see all the campers and staff connect well together and integrate seamlessly into the LYP “camp mode.”

Camp Theme and Activities

As in previous years, a theme was woven into Christian Living messages and many other parts of the camp experience. This year’s theme was, “Be strong and very courageous,” from Joshua 1:7. We chose this theme because of what our youth must deal with in this generation of perversity. Indeed, our Church youth need all the spiritual help that they can get, combined with their personal desire to be strong and very courageous, as they stand up to the onslaught of utter immorality, ungodly attitudes, and abominable behaviours pushed at them by society.

Campers were well-fed both physically and spiritually throughout camp. There was an abundance of tasty food for all to enjoy. So, too, was there a bounty of spiritual food. The Christian Living classes focused on figures from the Bible: Jesus Christ, Joseph, Mary, Paul, Ruth, Esther, and David. Each class focused on one individual and drew lessons from his or her life that were applicable to Church youth today.

A diverse range of activities ensured that all campers could enjoy something that fit their interests and desires. Activities included volleyball, ultimate frisbee (girls only), touch rugby (boys only), basketball, archery, swimming, softball, and riflery. Additionally, there were dance classes, a speech and communication class, and even a “fashion and modesty class.” The girls enjoyed a baking and cooking class, and the boys were taught how to lead songs in a Church service, as well as how to change a car tyre. Thus, members: If you need your car tyre changed and you have a boy in your midst who attended the New Zealand camp in 2019, you know whom to call! Also greatly enjoyed this year were the two evenings when we had campfires, which let the campers and staff “change gear,” unwind, and relax next to a roaring—but well-controlled—fire. Campers had fun making and eating s’mores cooked over the fire.

Weather is one element that can make or break a camping experience. Thankfully, God blessed our weather. We enjoyed almost perfect weather for the entire camp! When it did rain, it was not a problem, as indoor activities allowed both campers and staff to “catch their breath” until the splendid sun shone in Eltham again.

LYP New Zealand 2020

If you are a teen who would like to enjoy ten days of godly fun with like-minded people your age, then think about attending LYP NZ 2020. Many consider 20/20 vision to be ideal—and we think so, too, as we plan for 2020 with a vision of an even better experience for campers and staff alike. So, be sure to begin saving now for camp (if you have not already) and remember to be quick to submit your application, because—after four years of successful LYP camps in New Zealand—the word is out!