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You Are Making a Difference!

November / December 2020

Statistics and numbers help to illustrate the encouraging state of the Work today, but they don’t always com-municate a real sense of the impact the Work has in people’s lives. Here in Charlotte, we regularly receive feedback from magazine readers, telecast viewers, and website visitors that leaves us moved and encouraged. We have compiled a number of examples of such feedback for you and present them on the next several pages. When possible, the location from which the comment comes has been included, though the names have been removed for privacy purposes. Where needed, comments have been edited for clarity and brevity. We hope you find this small collection of comments as inspiring as we do. The Work that Jesus Christ is doing in the world through you is making a difference!

Thank you very much for sharing this video. I am only 14, and at first my mind cursed the Holy Spirit, but it’s not my intention. So I cried, because I’m afraid I committed [the unpardonable sin], but God is great. He used you for me to understand. I ask for forgiveness of my sins.
— Comment on YouTube

Thank you so much for this article and the “Easter” booklet. I’ve been trying to explain to family/friends why we should stop following man-made traditions and your work and these articles are so beneficial to opening eyes and ears. I’ve always questioned how Friday night to Sunday morning was 3 days and 3 nights. Thank you for your time and research to explain it. May you be blessed in all you do.
— Subscriber in Covington, WA

[Concerning the booklet Your Ultimate Destiny:] What amazing, amazing revelation and inspiration to persevere this much appreciated message has been. No words can express my gratitude!!! This has truly been a lifesaving message to me!
— Subscriber in Park South, GP, South Africa

Your publication helps to inculcate a sense of hope, humility, and commitment to those who choose to read it (with an open mind). I especially enjoyed reading the article titled “Are We a Thankful Nation?” God bless you in your efforts. Keep the gospel going.
— Donor in Saitama, Japan

The January-February 2019 issue of Tomorrow’s World article “The Powerful Privilege of Prayer” by Richard F. Ames provided me with a total new perspective for my daily praying and made me understand that prayer is indeed a true privilege that we have from God. It has shown me the correct steps to real praying and to expect from our Father, not what I want, but instead what is best for me. Yes, I am changing the way I pray. Thank you so much to Mr. Ames for this article because now I know exactly how to draw closer to God in prayer, bare my heart when doing so, share with Him my feelings, and not be ashamed to confess my sins, asking for whatever is His will for my life in the name of Jesus. Again, thank you for giving me, and I hope many other readers, the firm understanding that prayer is my privilege. Thank God for His love and mercy!! May our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ keep blessing your mission and everyone at Tomorrow’s World ministries.
— Subscriber in Naples, FL

I have lost everyone I ever loved. Through it all you, your publications, and Christ have been there. Thank you!
— Donor in Gladewater, TX

I was not raised in religion, nor were my children, but something propelled me to purchase and start reading the Bible. These booklets have been a tremendous aide in my understanding of God and what is to come. My sister and brother-in-law directed me to your website, and I am beyond grateful. I am often overwhelmed with emotion and hope, which inspires me to continue on my journey of righteousness. God bless.
— Donor in Auburn, MA

Editor’s Note: Though the next two notes come from different states, we couldn’t help but notice how, together, they illustrate how God can multiply our efforts unexpectedly!

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to read your wonderful Tomorrow’s World magazine. I look forward to reading all the truth-filled articles. After I finish reading them, I take them to a doctor’s office or any place where there is a waiting area with magazines. Perhaps someone will pick them up and start to read and they will learn the truth they never knew.
— Donor in Sikeston, MO

I first saw your literature at a doctor’s office, started reading it, and was so impressed by it that I asked the lady at the desk if I could take it with me. Then I received a magazine from a friend who had picked it up and given it to me because he knew I liked reading that type of magazine. So, I decided to send for it. It has helped me understand what I read in the Bible and what we discuss at Bible study at church. Thank you so much for your free literature and the encouragement I receive through reading your magazine.
— Subscriber in Hollywood, FL

I want to say thank you and God bless you for knowing that I was struggling reading the Bible and understanding what I was reading. You sent me the Bible study course, some booklets, and a magazine right at the time I needed these things. I don’t remember asking for it or ordering anything. It just showed up and I am so blessed. So, praise Jesus and God bless you.
— Subscriber in Airway Heights, WA

Enclosed, please find my donation to your magazine as appreciation for your continuance in sending me copies throughout the year. Your biblical articles exposing where the world is headed gives me a hope I get nowhere else. I am a 78 year-old man living on social security in a small apartment. I can’t thank you enough for your magazine—to give hope where none existed.

Donor in Johnston, RI

Hello. I’m 25 and have not always been close with God. I just want to thank you all for what you do and thank you for having everything you offer! I always wanted to gain a greater understanding and sometimes found it difficult to understand the Bible. But all of you have done and continue to do such a great job on explaining and simplifying the messages of Jesus Christ. I thank you for opening up my eyes and mind, it feels so great to finally have a clear understanding!
— Subscriber in Etobicoke, ON, Canada

Thank you again for another one of your great and informing booklets. Have enjoyed both books I have received from you all: The Real God: Proofs and Promises and Evolution and Creation. Both were most interesting to me. After reading both books, I’m absolutely convinced there is a Creator of our universe, earth, and all life on earth. God and your booklets have caused this old fellow to see quite a few things in a different perspective, and I’m most grateful to both God and your booklets of enlightenment. Old dogs seldom learn new tricks, but it’s not impossible.
— Subscriber in Dixon, IL

Thank you so much for your deep biblical insights. You are not mainstream Christianity—refreshing for me. You are TRUTH.
— Subscriber in Houston, TX

Editor’s Note: In the comment that follows, we have not corrected the spelling in any way, as it helps to illustrate the source of the letter. You’ll see when you get to the end…

I have one question, how many Tomorrow’s World booklets have you sold? I read evry leter I recive from you and it is true the world is realy in trouble and those who are beliving in Jesus can help save the world. I am reading one of the Tomorrow’s World books. I keep forgetting to read it becuase I have a lot of books to read. Did you know the King Alfred the Great loved to read and fought to protect his kingdom and his people? I am homeschooled and I use the Tomorrow’s World magazine for learning. I am 8 years old and I belive in Jesus and thank you for reading this letter and thank you for spreding the word of God.
— (Young) Reader in Sangudo, AB, Canada

I am bedridden and I have very little income. The miracle is that I have been asking God in my daily prayers, “What happens at death?” Here I get sent this letter you sent [offering] What Happens When You Die? WOW! I will anticipate the arrival of this book.
— Donor in Lahore, GPO, Punjab, Pakistan

[Concerning a “Woman to Woman” web commentary, “A Quiet and Gentle Heroine”:] I would just like to say, regarding the story of Abigail, Nabal, and David, it was an amazing read! It came at a perfect time for me. The Lord led me to your site to this story to address a situation in my own life. I just want to thank you for the walk you are taking with our Lord in bringing literature and written stories with key Bible verses to take people into their Bibles! God bless you!
— Subscriber from Chehalis, WA

You probably don’t know the extent to which your literature inspires the weak. But God knows. Please keep up your important work.
— Subscriber in Navasota, TX

I want to say thank you for your broadcast and all the literature you have sent me in the last few weeks. Problem is, as I read them, you offer more little books. I’m sorry but I find myself wanting all of them to read along with my Bible. I pray a lot more people like me find you on TV and learn from you. I am sending this money order in hopes it helps pay for what you send. I want to send you more. Please don’t be offended. I know you don’t ask for money. I just want to help. You help people like me. Thank you—thank you—thank you again.
— Donor in New Castle, DE  User comment sent from Brazil

I believe the Living Church of God is like the true church of God in the Bible. So, I am sending my tithe. I am going to try and live my life this way. I am an 86-year-old widow living alone.
— Co-worker in Pulaski, MN

I would like to thank you for all the lovely books you have sent me. I lost my husband and grief took me into such a dark deep place I’d never been in before. God got me out of that dark place. Reading your books helped me to lean on God more than I had ever leaned on Him. I would never [have] gotten there without the help of your literature. May God bless you for helping people like me who live on a fixed income. I read and pass your books to others. May it help them as it has me.
— Co-worker in Chocowinity, NC

Recently we left a church after realizing Catholic holidays were being promoted, and we searched scripture and took all our findings to the pastors. They blatantly told us they wouldn’t change, even after reading what we shared. We are now studying the full scriptures at home and honoring Sabbath on its God given day.
— Subscriber in Laurel, MD

Hello. I really loved this. I plan on ordering your books for my kindle. I have had a very trying life and have never trusted anyone. These last few years have been very hard, and I have felt lost. I have never been a Christian, but I would consider myself a good person. I just didn’t understand the Bible or God but believed in something greater, if that makes sense. This made it much more pleasurable to read and helped me a lot. God bless you and I mean that.
— Email from Website Visitor

I have been trying to eradicate the ridiculous story of Easter that is being told in the church that I attend, with some success. After hearing your presentation on TV, I was thrilled. I recommended your book on Easter and they are going to order it. God bless you, and thank you immensely.
— Subscriber in Mauston, WI

Just wanted to write a quick note about your book The Plain Truth About the Protestant Reformation. I just finished this book 10 minutes ago in my prison cell and just had to run down to the computer and write this letter. Your book was refreshing. Although straining to my brain with all the history. (I’ll have to read it again to absorb all of it.) It was so confirming to me and all of my suspicions about the reformers and “Christian” history generally speaking. I always felt a disconnect between the founders of Christendom and the words in my Bible—two different things completely. I wanted to also say that my friend read your book too. I asked him if he had any thoughts and he also said, “enlightening and enjoyable.” I just thought you should know it. I will be passing your book around to some of my friends. Thank you and God bless!
— Subscriber in Moose Lake, MN

I just want to thank you for all the books and magazines. I love them. They give me hope. Thank you.
— Co-worker in Providence, RI

If it wasn’t for you all I would be in the streets drugging. Now I watch the program. I’m learning thanks to your words of blessings. I’m not stealing anymore either. Thanks to God’s word, I don’t want to sin any more. Pray for us all. Thank you.

—Donor in Albany, NY

Each day I read your booklets, and I’ve learned so much about our Christ and myself. Thank you for giving me a new way to love and respect not only our Lord, but also everyone I meet each day of my life. May God bless you for giving so much.
— Comment on Facebook

Wish I could afford to send you more money. But I do enjoy your newsletters and wonderful magazine. Thank you! In an article many years ago from your magazine, I read about the perils of smoking cigarettes. I quit that very night. So, thank you again.
— Donor in Hopkins, MN

I forward my sincere thanks to [those] responsible for your wonderful and much valued broadcasting and literature. Your efforts have changed my direction in life and given me a secure understanding in the Word of God. I have recently decided to leave the Pentecostal ministry after some 30 years.
— Subscriber in Ourimbah, NSW, Australia

Dear Tomorrow’s World, I wish to thank you so much for helping me and my family on our spiritual journey seeking the true living God. Your literature has really helped us a lot. Our family has suffered so much over the years, our faith has truly been knocked. But your literature has helped us regain some of our faith.
— Subscriber in Stoke-on-Trent, UK

I just wanted to say thank you for offering your booklets for free. They have been a godsend to me and my path with God! They have broken things down and explained things in a way that can be understood. My favorite booklet thus far has been John 3:16. You are all a blessing to those of us who can’t afford expensive resources. So, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you! God bless!
— Subscriber in Stockton, KS

Thank you very much for all the free information, studies, knowledge of scriptures and world events with Bible knowledge. I truly enjoy and have been living for the Lord. Without Biblical knowledge I would be a big mess.
— Subscriber in Folsom, LA

I watch your television program on the CW network here in Nashville. You know it’s nice these days to be able to turn the TV on and actually hear the truth. And then to back it up with solid evidence. In a world full of “fake news” your show is a blessing. Keep up the good work. You’re in my prayers.
— Subscriber in Nashville, TN

[Concerning the Commentary about Christmas, “Green Trees and Jesus”:] I am utterly shocked and deeply saddened to learn this, but I am also glad that I did. Thank you for showing me how I have been taught to INSULT God. I neeeeed help learning the right and holy.
— Email from a Website Visitor

This is to thank you so very much for your TV program and for the literature we’ve received from you. It means so, so much to us! Finally, the Bible is becoming more understandable to all of us thanks to you all—including, of course, the members of the Living Church of God and your co-workers.
— Subscriber from Mabank, TX

Thank you so much for your literature. If ever there was a time when truth was needed now would be that time, and if ever there was a place that revealed that truth, Tomorrow’s World would be that place. Thank you for bringing truth to the world. May God bless you all!
— Subscriber in Summerside, PE, Canada

Enclosed please find a donation towards all the wonderful work you do. I hope it helps in some small way. I’m not a very big believer in the mainstream “televangelist” works, and for that matter much of mainstream “Churchianity,” because I have a Bible and believe in the law of God as the only standard of righteousness for both government and individual! It is for these reasons that I tithe, and tithe to YOUR work, as a man mindful to be a good steward of [God’s] tithe and place it where His work is being actually done!
— Co-worker from Connell, WA

On behalf of [incarcerated] offenders and ex-offenders we, would like to welcome the church of God by thanking your ministry for their service and dedication. Without your staff’s fervent dedication and love for each one of us we probably [would] be lost in mediocrity. Thank you for not leaving anyone of us behind. We are blessed and our lives are so much richer because of your ministry. We wouldn’t know the true meaning of life without your ministry.
— Subscriber in Malone, NY

Just a brief note and small donation to express my heartfelt gratitude for all your wonderful help in preparing me for my role in God’s soon-coming Kingdom. I consider you to be one of God’s greatest blessing of the modern era. In closing I wish to say, I love you, God bless you and keep up the great work. You are truly making a difference.
— Donor in Des Moines, IA

Reading this makes my heart ache greatly because of how true this is. Just from the time of being a little girl, living the past three decades to now, so much has changed [that] it is hard to not feel discouraged at times. But the Eternal’s promises, I try to keep mindful of. Thank you for this article. I pray it reaches the heart of many others and helps to bring true awareness of what is happening today.
— Email from a Website Visitor

I love your teachings [and] believe in the original teachings of Jesus. My pastor has advised me not to visit [your website] or follow any of your teachings. However, I find nothing wrong with what you teach for it is scriptural. I follow you by reading my Bible. I refuse to become a hater against the teachings of Jesus and the early Church. I will not allow the world or false church to turn me against God’s word.
— Subscriber in Meridian, MS

Your magazine is one of the best sources of information I receive. I learn of issues around the world that are ignored except by a few. The article on “food” is the only time I completely understood WHY God commanded only certain foods and yet created all of them. Thank you all for the information you take the time to research and print for all of us. The enclosed check is to help with printing costs and mailing.
— Donor in Willmar, MN

I’m a reasonably new viewer. I’ve watched 20+ Tomorrow’s World videos, and I’ve learned more about the Bible and God’s plan than I have in the past 18 years. There’s so much not told about the truth of the Bible, Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit.
— Comment on YouTube

Thank you for sending the book Which Day Is the Christian Sabbath? I have read the book, and it has helped me to know that Saturday is the day God set aside to rest. I knew if anyone could help me understand more about Saturday worship, you great men could.
— Subscriber in Frankford, WV

I went [to the Tomorrow’s World website] to order the free book (and did order it) and I got lost there for over four hours. The articles are fascinating and inspiring. Glad I found the site.
— Comment from a
Website Visitor

I want to thank you so very much for all the books and DVDs I have received from Tomorrow’s World. The reports and writings are truly enlightening and a blessing. I am 85 years old and I feel as though I am a child again.
— Co-worker in Chicago, IL

First, I would like to thank you for your assistance, support, and real concern for the salvation of people. And second, for providing free materials for our spiritual development. God bless your mission. I wish and pray that Brazil awakens to seek God and his mercy. God bless you all.

—Anápolis, GO, Brazil

Thanks for the CDs and books you send. You have helped me a lot since my wife passed away.
— Co-worker in North Plainfield, NJ

Dear Sir: I have received your wonderful literature. What struck me most is your TW Magazine July-August 2020 edition. Your article, “The Perfect Storm,” touched my soul. I believe I must pay serious attention to God’s warning. One of your ministers visited me before. Hoping I can attend your Sabbath worship service someday. May God bless you.
— Subscriber in Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

Thank you for your telecast “Are You Going to Hell?” I was raised in a church that taught that. I remember how terrified I was as a child and growing up. Sadly, those teachings sometimes do still haunt me today. I was told I was a heathen and will never be worthy. I never believed I was worthy of our Father and I was too terrified and Bible illiterate to learn the truth. May God our Father bless you all and thank you.
— Subscriber in Columbia Falls, MT

I want to thank TW for all you do to bring the true Christian religion to the people. I have learned so much since I began watching you. You have explained many questions I have had in the past and made Christianity a way of life for me and not just a religion. I admire how TW teaches in plain simple English without talking down to anyone. Nor do you beg for money every 10 minutes like so many others. You just give to the people and know God will provide for you. I could do my studies over the Internet but I prefer to get booklets and DVDs so once I am finished I can pass them along to people and pray that God touches them with the curiosity to learn more. I humbly thank you so much, and may God bless you many times over for what all of you at TW do for humanity.
— Co-worker in Jennings, LA

Thank you, Mr. Weston, for your usual, straightforward, no-nonsense delivery and message regarding Christmas. Also, I appreciate your closing paragraph that calls for the courage of your convictions and faith in the Word to make the right stand. This will be the first year that my wife and I will not be celebrating the man-made tradition and trappings of Christmas, as we endeavor to celebrate and follow our Lord and Savior each day and Sabbath.
— Co-worker in Margate, FL

Yes, it seems things are getting worse. Even for myself it’s hard to cope in such a testing time! I’m a homeless mother of six! But with hope of Jesus coming soon, I know I truly can get through anything. Bring on the new world under God’s rule!
— Subscriber in Hamilton, New Zealand

I enjoyed your teaching on life after death. I have trouble not sinning, mainly in my thoughts. I have repented daily and tell God all about my troubles. Thank you for your TV show and the newsletters that I received. Thank you!
— Subscriber in Rocky Mount, NC

Thank you for this message. I am guilty of spending too much time on the computer and Facebook. It actually woke me up to my weakness and taking time from God.
— Comment from a Website Visitor

Editor’s Note: Make no mistake, they are not all positive! We receive plenty of criticism—which, frankly, should also encourage us (Luke 6:26)! Here is just a small sample.

I woke up this Sunday morning and came across your programming. I was disgusted. Jesus preached to be accepting of everyone and to treat people with kindness and respect. Your organization is doing the exact opposite. To discriminate against another religion or sexual orientation openly on television is sickening, especially on the Sabbath. What the world needs now more than ever is love and acceptance while you are sowing seeds of fear and deception. I sincerely hope that you are forgiven for these sins that you are committing and that you take time to reflect on the pain that you are directly influencing on groups that don’t share your beliefs.
— Email from a Viewer in Lexington, KY

How could you people look at Revelation 12 and see that as the church? Seriously? Wow! A 3rd grader could tell you that is about ISRAEL, not the church. Can’t you even recognize who the first few verses are about? Are you so ignorant that you don’t recognize the dream that Joseph had so many years ago about the sun, moon and stars? Who produced the Messiah? It was Israel, NOT the church. You should be ashamed of yourselves for your false interpretation and false teaching. I’m certainly glad that I was only flipping thru the channels when I heard what you said.
— Comment from a Viewer in Elon, NC

Thank you for your preaching this morning. It was very enlightening. But you were standing, and I thought during the intermission you would get a chair and sit down, but you didn’t. I do not trust those that continue to stand. Good luck standing.
— Email from a Viewer

My opinion... I don’t think you should be saying that, on Easter, the Easter Bunny and eggs, candy, etc. are wrong for the kids... nor, on Christmas, presents and other things are wrong. They are not of Satan/the devil. Shame on you for saying that. It is all a way to get the younger people involved in the holidays so they can eventually learn the true meanings in time. Condemning the things you do is not a good thing to do. Who are you to judge??? God knows what I am saying. He prompted me to tell you these things. Be more positive and less haughty and all knowing. The Only One capable of that is God Almighty. Period. I hope this helps you all.
— Subscriber in Easley, SC

The Kingdom of God is not “yet to come.” It is here now. If you cannot see it, you are not born of the water and of the Spirit. If you are not born again, you cannot enter the Kingdom of God. Read John 3:3–5. Jesus is God and cannot lie, praise His name!
— Email from a Website Visitor

I totally disagree with your inference that we just sit back and do nothing about the disaster this nation is about to suffer. Oh. Except grin and bear it with joy, twiddle our thumbs, and send you money “to preach the gospel.” God will put you through the Great Tribulation to teach you that your noninvolvement brand of Christianity will give you the opportunity to experience the JOY of persecution, extreme suffering, and death. Mr. Armstrong was dead wrong about not even voting.
— Comment from a Website Visitor

Sorry for cutting back my donation, but my 2011 Merriam-Webster dictionary doesn’t always have words used in your articles to find the meaning so I (or others I let read) can understand what the author is trying to teach us. I’ll go back to donating when I get a new dictionary. Do you know what “milquetoast” means without looking it up in a dictionary or the Internet?
— Co-worker in Curwensville, PA

Editor’s Note: The next several comments illustrate that many of those who were originally touched by the work of Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong recognize what they saw and heard from him in what we do, and that God is using us to continue the work he may have begun in their lives.

I remember as a child how my father from Guyana studied with Herbert W. Armstrong. Now at 67 years old I am following in his footsteps, and I am so blessed from these study materials.
— Subscriber from Bradenton, FL

Recently, I came across your highly informative magazine Tomorrow’s World that struck me as familiar with its remarkable analysis of world events and developments through the unique perspective of biblical prophecies. Soon I was caught up with it, for during the period from 1969 to 1996, I had been a subscriber to The Plain Truth, the world famous news magazine edited by the late Herbert W. Armstrong. So, I am very happy to know that there is a successor to The Plain Truth, informing [of] world events through the same perspective.
— Subscriber in Kollam, Kerala, India

You explain better than any other church. Keep up the good work. I am 82 and used to listen to Armstrong. Am glad I found Tomorrow’s World.
— Co-worker from Farmington, NM

Just received my copy of your Tomorrow’s World Magazine. I wish to convey my thanks to your editor, Mr. Weston on his article of the September-October issue. Said article was inspiring and very timely during this time of pandemic. Your magazine’s view is almost identical [to] that of the Plain Truth magazine edited by the late Herbert W. Armstrong. Please keep on writing eye-opening articles for your readers’ peace of mind and inspiration.
— Co-worker in San Diego, CA

GREAT Work you are doing, letting our Savior lead you. I am now a financial co-worker, asking God to bless you, as He did Herbert Armstrong for nearly 60 years. I joined him in 1961, until his death. Please continue to follow his forceful example.
— Subscriber from Sunnyrock, GP, South Africa LN