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Living Education Graduation 2021

July / August 2021

Wrapping up its third year of operation, Living Education–Charlotte held its graduation ceremony this year on May 14 at the Waxhaw Women’s Club in downtown Waxhaw, North Carolina. Inside this brick-and-mortar, “old town” setting, the program’s many participants gathered to celebrate the accomplishments of this year’s twelve graduates.

After a year of ups and downs, replete with field trips, forums and assemblies, learning (and teaching) opportunities, student-hosted meals, and exhaustive hard work and studying, faculty and students alike were happy to meet together to cap off the academic year with formality and fellowship. They were also able to hear four encouraging messages from guest speakers and three evangelists in the Church.

Mr. Kenneth Frank listed all the courses the students had worked through and gave a short summary of each, followed by an address in which Dr. Douglas Winnail asked the graduates to think about what they will take away from the Living Education program and challenged them to use it as a springboard for the rest of their lives. Mr. Richard Ames then spoke about the history of education in the Church and its meaning in the Church today, especially pertaining to the graduates. Finally, Mr. Gerald E. Weston’s address focused on the idea of being a light and good example to others, and he urged the graduates to use what they have learned about God’s culture at Living Education–Charlotte to continue to follow and spread that culture wherever life takes them.

After the ceremony and a complimentary brisket lunch, family members and guests were able to spend time sharing their loved ones’ experiences wrapping up the program, looking forward to all that lies ahead.

The graduating students this year are Marc Figueroa, Meredith Hodges, Juliette McNair, Rylyn Mooney, Nathan Morgan, Nia Morgan, Nicholas Palmer, Jenitza Pirela-Mariani, German Roldan, Jr., DaQuan Rucker, Spencer Sena, and Harmony Talbott. Most of the graduates will be staying in Charlotte to either work at the Church Headquarters office or to pursue further schooling and career goals in the area. May God bless their every effort as they strive to “stay close to the trunk of the tree” and build futures founded on the fundamentals of God’s word and His way of life.

LE graduates
Top row: Nathan Morgan, Nia Morgan, DaQuan Rucker, Marc Figueroa, German Roldan, Jr.
Middle row: Harmony Talbott, Juliette McNair, Nicholas Palmer, Spencer Sena
Bottom row: Meredith Hodges, Jenitza Pirela-Mariani, Rylyn Mooney