Living Church News

Volume 24, No. 3, May/June 2022

Stir Up the Holy Spirit

John Meakin

God's promise of the Holy Spirit was one of true hope, and receiving it is vital to our conversion and eventual entry into eternal life. But how can we keep it burning like a roaring fire, and not let it sputter out?

A Tale of Two Pentecosts

Wallace G. Smith

Observing Pentecost is an important step on the path laid out by God's annual Holy Days. When we compare and contrast the very first Pentecost at Mount Sinai and the Pentecost that began the first-century Church, we learn much about the meaning of…

The Purpose of Speaking in Tongues

Phil Sena

Is it necessary for all who call themselves disciples of Christ to “speak in tongues,” or was this gift of the Holy Spirit intended for a very specific purpose? And what does “speaking in tongues” even mean?

Social Media Powers the Work in Spanish!

William Williams

A helpful new development in digital media holds the promise of greater availability of Tomorrow's World in Latin America.