Living Church News

Volume 24, No. 5, September/October 2022

Less Judging, More Thinking

Personal Gerald E. Weston

When it comes to COVID vaccines and a host of other issues facing the world today, are you seeking first the wisdom of the One who matters most? And are you judging your brother for his making his own call?

Seven Lessons for the Day of Atonement

Richard F. Ames

As we prepare for the annual fast that God has chosen for His people, what are some vital lessons for observing the Day of Atonement—and preparing for what it pictures?

The Traditional Formula

John Robinson

God has clear reasons for what He commands, especially when it comes to how He is worshipped. But like the Samaritans, there have always been counterfeits and impure forms of worship. How can we learn to recognize and avoid them?

To Liberate a World Held Captive

Wyatt Ciesielka

True freedom is just around the corner. Are you prepared for a world liberated under Christ’s benevolent rule?

How Do I Use My Second Tithe?

Wallace G. Smith

God commanded the saving of second tithe for us to better observe and enjoy His Feasts! And with that command comes the responsibility to carry it out in a wise and godly manner, so as to reap our Creator’s blessings all the more.

Thinking Biblically About Entertainment

Commentary Mark Sandor

Are you being careful to watch what you watch? Don’t let wrong ideas slip in under the guise of “just having a good time”!