Weekly Update

June 18th, 1999

Greetings from Church Administration:

We come to the close of another eventful week-and I look forward to the Sabbath this week very much. I'm sure all of you do as well!

We have finalized the necessary process to change our legal designation to Living Church of God, CANADA. Also, Mr. Charles Bryce reported: "Mr. and Mrs. Laurie Nyhus have resigned from the Living Church of God, effective June 10, 1999. They said that after much thought, they have decided it is time to move on." "They want to leave on amicable terms," and we are certainly appreciative of their affirmation of that. We wish them and their family well as they move on. "We appreciate all of the work and service they have given to the Church over the years and hope their future works out well for them," Mr. Bryce wrote to the Ministry and Hosts in Canada.

As I reported a while ago, we had decided to hire Mr. Eng Monson fulltime beginning July 1st. He is now in process of arranging to begin full-time service. Mr. Monson will assume the coordination of the Cranbrook Feast site from this point on. Mr. Bryce reports further that he and Mr. Monson visited Winnipeg last weekend to establish a video group there. We welcome them! All of the indicators (income and other numbers) very closely mirror or exceed those of the US, according to the latest reports.

We are seeing a virtual plague of cancer, it seems. I received a call from Mr. Don Contardi earlier this week, reporting that his examination indicates that he suffers from pancreatic cancer. This is very serious, of course, and he will appreciate your sincere prayers for God's healing. Mr. Contardi is our Area Pastor serving the northeast, so we need him totally well. And Mr. Terrence Graves, Elder of Tacoma, Washington, and his wife Sharon would also appreciate your prayers for healing. Mrs. Graves has also been diagnosed this week as having cancer. We desperately need God's miraculous intervention as we approach the end of this age.

The July/August Tomorrow's World has gone to film, and the date it is scheduled to be printed is July 13th. The printer should mail it within a week of printing, so you should receive your copy in the mail accordingly. Also, "What's Ahead For America and Britain" has been mailed via US Postal Service. If you have not received your copy it should be received within a week or so.

Mr. Bruce Tyler reports that the TOMORROW'S WORLD program will begin airing on Perth Channel 31 June 20th, the first week of operation for the new station. He expects there will be much local interest and publicity in Perth. The inauguration of the station will be Friday, June 18, 1999, with the Australian Federal Minister of Communications attending.

Mr. Hugh Wilson, of Kingston, Jamaica has requested that he and his group be recognized as a Video Group in Kingston. We welcome them, and will encourage Mr. Meredith to visit them next winter when the snow flies in the mountains of North America! Mr. Meredith plans to make some field visits beginning next month. I believe he will announce those shortly, and I do not wish to pre-empt him in that. My wife and I will be here this Sabbath, then in Montana for the Sabbath after that. Have a great Sabbath.