Weekly Update

June 25th, 1999


Carl McNair will be preaching in Helena (wherever that is...). This week, I'm once again substituting for him.


On July 10, 1999, Dr. Meredith will be in the Seattle/Tacoma Washington area for a Personal Appearance. Please pray for his success.


Carl McNair mentioned that he spoke with Mr. Don Contardi this morning and that Don is in good spirits and very positive about the situation. His general good nature and sense of humor is very evident in his conversation. Mr. Contardi and his family are very appreciative of the expressions of concern and prayers that everyone has exhibited. We are all looking forward to God's intervention!


According to Bill Bowmer, by Sunday, June 27, the updated Church web page will be online. It is still reached at www.lcg.org but the content has been reorganized for easier access, and one new feature has been added: the "Members" page. When you connect to the "Members" page you will be asked for your username and password. Eventually we hope to create a personalized and sophisticated system based on members' PINs for the moment, however, all users will connect with the same username and password:

Username: member
Password: galatians220

The reason for the password is so that we can include on the page some material that is a bit "meatier" and sometimes more sensitive than would be appropriate for someone without a Church of God background. Please do NOT publicize the username and password to those without a Church of God background; however, if you are in contact with Church of God brethren in other fellowships, please feel free to share the username and password so that they may see what the Living Church of God is doing to carry out the Great Commission.

We are developing a Literature area for the Web site, which will probably be ready in another two to three weeks, through which non-members may see online copies of the magazine and booklets (and eventually the Correspondence Course), and through which they may request subscriptions and printed copies.


The July issue of the Tomorrow's World magazine has gone to the printer. R.R. Donnelly is scheduled to print the issue on July 13; it will be mailed to subscribers and to member households in the week or two following its printing. This issue includes an article by Dr. Meredith on "A Turning Point in World Affairs," an article by Mr. Ames on "The Mystery of Revelation," a piece by Dr. Winnail on "Sea Gates in Peril," an article by Mr. Ogwyn, "Youth Violence—What Difference Can Parents Make?" and one by Mr. Mendiola, "Who's Winning the Culture War?"


If you have any last-minute local church news items that you would like to have considered for inclusion in the July issue of the LCN, please send them by email to Bill Bowmer at [email protected] before June 30.


As departments integrate their operations to streamline data management activities, the Mail Processing Department is refining its processes to qualify for Automation Discount Rates granted by the U.S. Postal Service. This will help the Church receive the lowest possible rate for its mailings. The savings will increase as the volume increases. Below are some basic statistics for May 1999.

Member Letters 3,564
Contribution Receipts 2,619
LCN 2,053
TW "Day of the Lord" Pt 1&2 1,506
TW "Day of the Lord" Pt. 1 1,040
English Audio Tapes 1,076 (incl. 48 LCN set for the blind)
Spanish Audio Tapes 185
English Video Tapes 1,428
Spanish Video Tapes 54
French Video Tapes 12


I don't know why but, Don Davis wants me to remind you that here are only 12 ½ ; weeks until the Feast of Tabernacles (he should know...)!

Have a wonderful Sabbath to all of you!

Dibar Apartian