Weekly Update

July 26th, 1999

Greetings everyone:

This week I will be brief. The primary reason for my brevity is that after moving from our apartment into a mobile home last Thursday night I tripped over a roaster oven and fell against the kitchen counter banging my head and shoulder. I then fell hard on my left arm. My head is fine, but my left arm suffered a minor break at the elbow. Some folks around here have been taking cheap shots at me this week, about all this, but I wont spam their scurrilous comments! Oh well, at least Dr. Winnail has been very kind not to challenge me to a wrestling match—as a "get even" for my cheeky comments when he broke his leg last Passover season.


As reported earlier, Mrs. Terrence Graves is suffering from cancer, and she sincerely covets your prayers for her healing.

Mr. Don Contardi returned to his home (Rochester, NY) this week. He will continue with his cancer therapy at his home. I understand that he is feeling better and his blood count is much improved.

Mr. Gene Gustin, a member of the Derbe, UK video group is visiting this week. Mr. Gustin would also appreciate your prayers for his healing of recurrent cancer.

Mr. Frank Doey, a long-standing member of the Church in the Kelowna/Penticton, BC area died of heart failure last week. Mr. Doey had suffered with heart problems for many years. He had battled with cancer a few years ago, and won that fight. He was much loved and will be sorely missed by brethren in southern BC, Canada.

Also, please remember Mr. Ernest Owino's wife who has had a relapse. She is suffering from a blockage in her arteries. As of this day, she is still in the hospital.


Dr. Meredith reported a very successful trip to Seattle Tacoma for the Sabbath before last. He thoroughly enjoyed visiting with the brethren after services. His visit with Mr. and Mrs. Terrence Graves in their home was also very special.


Mr. Bowmer reports that the Living Church News has indeed been printed and mailed this week. You should receive your personal copy within a reasonable period. Mr. Bowmer also reports that The Living Church web site has now exceeded 600,000 hits, and over 100,000 page views.


Please announce that all second tithe assistance requests should be in this office by August 25th in order to be processed and approved in time for the feast.

PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND — Please announce that Mr. Frank Best, Coordinator for PEI has a new telephone number:

Frank Best (905) 845-7922

Have a great Sabbath!