Weekly Update

August 13th, 1999

Greetings everyone:

Since last week two very disturbing incidents have been brought to my attention:

  • Mr. Syd Hull, in South Africa, lost a sister to the current violent madness, which afflicts their country. His sister was murdered in her home in an apparent robbery and hate crime. Please remember Mr. and Mrs. Hull, their family, and all of our South African brethren. They have faith God will protect them in these difficult times. Pray God will protect them and help them remain vigilant "in watching;" furthermore, that He will guide them in decisions they make daily.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Shane Franke's son, Kristofer, was struck in the eye by a club while playing miniature golf. The accident resulted in a concussion and damage to they eye itself—perhaps a partially detached retina. Besides the pain, the prospect of loss of sight is a matter of serious concern. Please pray for Kristofer's complete healing.
  • Our Philippine brethren have suffered some inconvenience and moderate loss due to the flooding there, though the death toll has reached 110. The Cherry Hill subdivision disaster was especially saddening. The political conflict continues in some parts of Mindanao where our ministers must travel. Please ask God to guide them, giving them His Divine protection.

Next week there will be a Council of Elders meeting here in San Diego, Monday through Thursday morning. Important matters pertaining to the up-coming festival season and the Work are going to be discussed during the three and one-half days of meetings. Mr. Meredith will report to you in due course, any news and announcements that flow from the meetings.



  • If you are interested in participating in the Festival Choir or performing special music for the Feast of Tabernacles please contact:

Mr. David Hilton (Festival Choir Director and Music Coordinator)

2323 Poplar St.
Montgomery, Al 30107
Hm. Ph.: 334-263-6716
Wk. Ph.: 334-277-9990

  • If you are planning to sing in the choir, please acquire the music ASAP.
    The music can be obtained at many local music stores or by calling
    J.W. Peppers Publisher @ 800-345-6296. The songs are:

1) Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken (arranged by Dick Bolks)

2) Prayer for Peace (music: Benjamin Harlan)

3) Rejoice, the Lord Is King (Jonathan Willcocks)

4) Our Lord In Majesty Doth Reign (arranged by Robert Preston)

  • Special Note: 1st rehearsal will be at 2 PM, Friday, Sept 24, on the Marina Civic Center Stage.
  • We need a pianist to accompany the Choir. We are also looking for a Youth Choir Director.
  • We all know the Youth Choir is a highlight of the Feast. Therefore, I hope all youth be encouraged and/or plan to be a part of the fun and excitement.


Greetings from Barrie, Ontario, Canada
The Feast is only six short weeks away and we are in need of qualified volunteers to help man the first aid station at the Niagara Falls Feast Site.
The time volunteers are required to serve is minimal; just a short time prior to and after services, and to be on call during services should the need arise.
It looks like we will be having a good size crowd at Niagara this year so we should be able to come up with enough bodies so that no-one will have to serve more than once or twice throughout the whole feast.
We need to start laying the groundwork and would appreciate all those who are interested in serving in this capacity please send their particulars to the address listed below.
Many thanks,
Roger & Tricia Poole
[email protected]
Phone: 705-737-2039


"It is hard to imagine that our founding fathers would have undercut their speech with any of the all-too-common fillers that plague conversation today—those 'ums' and 'uhs' and 'likes' and especially that inanity of inanities: 'you know.'"

"Think of it: 'Four score and, like, seven years ago, you know, our forefathers, uh brought forth, you know, you know, dedicated to the proposition that, uh, uh, like, all men are created, like, equal.' With that kind of delivery, President Abraham Lincoln could not have stoked the nation's determination to see the Civil War through to its conclusion. Or let us imagine Martin Luther King, Jr.: 'I, uh, have a dream, you know.'" (Excerpts from a speech by Senator ROBERT C. BYRD to the U. S. Congress.)

"Nothing is built on 'what we intend to do.' Intentions may be honorable and sincere, but unless put into action, nothing is accomplished." — From MOM

Have a Great Sabbath!