Weekly Update

July 28th, 2022

Greetings from Charlotte,

Dr. Douglas Winnail should arrive home from a busy trip to the UK by the time you see this. He conducted Tomorrow’s World Presentations in Belfast, Northern Ireland; and London, England; held a regional ministerial conference; and made personal visits with our ministers in the region. A number of us from here in Charlotte returned from a successful two-week Teen Camp in Texas and are catching up on work here at headquarters. Many members and coworkers responded positively to the letter Mr. Richard Ames sent this month, for which we are very grateful. These are challenging times for many, especially those on fixed incomes and even moderate-sized families. We must remember to put God first by tithing faithfully, and claim His promise to provide for us, but offerings may need to be less, due to high inflation. That is where those of us who have a little extra can make up for those who are struggling to take care of essentials: tithing, putting food on the table, buying fuel for their vehicles to get to work. Thank you, brethren, for responding to Mr. Ames’ letter.—Gerald Weston

Church Administration

Death of Mr. Larry Crooks

We are saddened to report that Mr. Larry Crooks, a longtime elder, died last Thursday, at the age of 71. He served the brethren in West Texas for many years before retiring to his home area in East Texas, where he spent his last years. Mr. Crooks was well loved, widely respected, and will be missed by many.

Festival (Second Tithe) Assistance Requests—U.S. Only—Final Announcement

Attention U.S. Pastors: The deadline to submit Festival Assistance Request forms to the Church Administration Department is Friday, July 29. All forms should be properly completed by the members requesting second tithe assistance to attend the Feast this year. Then, the Area Pastors should write their recommendations/comments on the forms before submitting them to CAD. The forms are available to ministers on the MyLCG website (www.cogl.org).—Festival Office

Recent and Upcoming Tomorrow’s World Presentations

Last week, we held seven Tomorrow’s World Presentations—two initial presentations, in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada; and London, England; and five follow-ups in Auckland, New Zealand; Vero Beach, Florida; Belfast, Northern Ireland; and Saskatoon and Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. This weekend we have two follow-up presentations scheduled in London, England; and Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada; and one initial presentation in Morristown, Tennessee. Thank you all for your continued prayers for these presentations.

Note: Last week it was announced that Mr. Rob Tyler presented the Auckland, New Zealand, TWP. Correction: It was presented by Mr. Paul Kearns.

Sermons for Those Unable to Attend the Feast in Person—Repeat Announcement

Attention Pastors: Because some members, for legitimate reasons, are unable to attend the Feast of Tabernacles in person, the Church provides access to Feast sermons by various means.

Many Feast sites will offer livestream or telephone connections to those assigned to the site. For those in your areas who can use this option, please make sure they have the information they need to do so. Though not a substitute for being present at the site, these connections give access to complete, live Feast services, including prayers, hymns, and special music.

Pre-recorded Feast sermons will be available for brethren who are unable to attend in person and for whom the livestream or telephone connections are not feasible. The sermons will be provided in three different ways. Please survey your congregations now to determine who will need the pre-recorded sermons and which of the three methods they will use to watch or listen:

1. The website: Pre-recorded sermons will be posted online (one per day) during the Feast.

2. Direct/Private links to the sermons

In addition to the websites given above, private links for advance online access to this year’s pre-recorded Festival sermons will be emailed to the pastors in September, shortly before the Feast. Please forward that email to the members in your areas who are not attending the Feast in person and will view the sermons online.

3. Physical DVD/CDs

We request that as many as are able access the Feast by livestream or telephone from their assigned site or get the sermons online. However, if there are brethren in your areas who cannot take advantage of these options, and need to receive physical sermon CDs through the mail, please send us their names and addresses before the following deadlines:

  1. All international requests for pre-recorded Festival sermon CDs are due by August 1, in order for the sermons to arrive before the Feast.
  2. August 15 is the deadline for recipients in the U.S.


First Things First: We certainly appear to be living at the end of an age. It is also an age of distractions—where job and personal concerns, television, social media, and having fun all compete for our attention. In the parables of the sower and of the ten virgins, Jesus warned that such a time would come (Matthew 13:18–23; 25:1–13). The prophet Isaiah also warned that we must “seek the LORD while He may be found” and that we must forsake any evil ways that we may have (Isaiah 55:6–8). In order to develop and maintain a close relationship with God, David made time to pray three times a day—in the morning, at noon, and in the evening (Psalm 55:17). Paul reminded Church members in Corinth of the importance of nourishing the gift of God’s Spirit within us on a daily basis (2 Corinthians 4:16). We do this by making time for regular prayer and Bible study and by taking time to meditate on why we have been called and how we are progressing in our spiritual life (2 Timothy 2:15; Proverbs 4:26–27). Our overall goal should be to develop more of the mind, perspective, and character of Jesus Christ. Are we really doing these things—or are we frequently distracted? As we head toward the climax of this present age, let’s strive to make the most of the time we have (Ephesians 5:15–16) to walk in the footsteps of Jesus as we prepare to rule with Him in the coming Kingdom of God. Let’s put First Things First!

Have a profitable Sabbath,
Douglas S. Winnail

News and Prophecy—July 28, 2022

Britain’s Continued Decline: Britain has long had a strong global presence through its embassies and consulates. These diplomatic offices scattered all over the world have enabled the UK to influence and even direct the affairs of many nations. Now, as one journalist recently observed, “Funding cuts and staffing turmoil at the Foreign Office are scaling back the UK’s international ambition.” Budget constraints and politics are forcing Britain to shrink its diplomatic holdings and limiting its Foreign Office’s ability and global reach (Politico, May 19, 2022). Great Britain, once focused on world affairs, is now turning increasingly inward.

While the Foreign Office saves money by moving stand-alone embassies to suites in office buildings, diplomatic experts see this as “undermining Britain’s prestige in the world.” In addition, staff turnover at the highest levels is creating a situation where key personnel in the Foreign Office lack experience and understanding of how to work on the world stage to promote the nation or national ideals.

Actions in Britain’s Foreign Office certainly fit with Bible prophecies that have long foretold that Israelite-descended nations would cease being the “head” and become the “tail” if they turn away from God (Deuteronomy 28:43–45). This decline is aided by the appointment of inexperienced leaders who replace older and wiser predecessors (Isaiah 3:1–4). It is sobering to watch the decline of once great nations like Britain that God has used to bring blessings and benefits to nations around the world (Genesis 18:17–18). To learn more about Britain and other Israelite nations that are also facing mounting troubles—and their prophesied future—read or listen to The United States and Great Britain in Prophecy.

When Currencies Die, So Do Nations: Pakistan’s rupee may be in its death throes. What was once a strong currency has been falling against the U.S. dollar for years and is performing poorly among a large group of peer nations, a drop intensified by the recent rise of the U.S. dollar and internal political strife (Jerusalem Post, July 25, 2022). South Asia political analyst Michael Kugelman notes that “Pakistan’s economy is at a near breaking point,” and that hope of successful international intervention is weakened by the political instability of the nation.

The current state of the Pakistani rupee provides a sobering insight into the coming decline of the currencies and currency replacements of the Israelite-descended nations. While the U.S. dollar is currently enjoying a peak of strength, helping to protect Americans against some of the worst effects of the global inflation, Bible prophecy indicates that, at the end of the age, scarcity will explode, currencies and nations will decline, and even gold and silver won’t work as a tool to buy sufficient food and goods (Ezekiel 7:14–19). Human beings will no longer be able to rely on riches and possessions as they learn the sobering lesson that it is Christ who strengthens us, not ourselves, our governments, or our possessions (Philippians 4:13).

Watching other nations and situations can help us see how God may fulfill these ancient Bible prophecies. As we look around the globe, we can begin to realize why Jesus Christ must return to the earth to save mankind from itself (Matthew 24:22). It is only through His return and wise leadership that the earth will finally experience the abundant blessings and peace that God intends for all human beings made in His image. To learn more, read or listen to “Looming Financial Woes.”—Scott Winnail, Francine Prater, and Brent Mitchell