Weekly Update

August 4th, 2022

Greetings from Charlotte,

Our Tomorrow’s World magazine subscription list has topped 590,000, the highest number since we began publishing. This is despite an active renewal program intended to remove subscribers who do not express continued interest. The television studio is recording three programs this week. On Wednesday, I recorded “What Happens When Nations Forget God?” Mr. Rod McNair is recording a program as I write, titled “The Best a Man Can Do,” and Mr. Wallace Smith is scheduled to record “When Atheists Attack” this afternoon. This week’s telecast is by Mr. Richard Ames—“Just What Is the Day of the Lord?” Thirty-six ministers and their wives, along with four ministerial widows, are scheduled to be in Little Rock, Arkansas, for a conference beginning Sunday and ending Tuesday. This will be the third of four scheduled for the United States this summer. We have another scheduled for the Canadian ministry later this month, with our final U.S. conference scheduled for the end of August. The Feast will be here before we know it! On a sad note, please see the announcement below about the death of long-time elder Dr. Hadden Pace. Please remember his wife and family in your prayers.—Gerald Weston

Church Administration

Death of Dr. Hadden (Bill) Pace

We are saddened to report that Dr. Hadden (Bill) Pace died on August 3 at the age of 98. A longtime member of God’s Church, Dr. Pace served for more than 36 years as an elder in the southern California congregations. He was always positive and encouraging and set an example of determination and dedication in being faithful to the end.

Recent and Upcoming Tomorrow’s World Presentations

Last week, we held three Tomorrow’s World Presentations—one initial presentation in Morristown, Tennessee; and two follow-ups, in London, England; and Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. These presentations had a combined total of 44 guests. This weekend we have three initial presentations, in Little Rock, Arkansas; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; and Peoria, Illinois; and one follow-up in Morristown, Tennessee. Thank you all for your continued prayers for these presentations.

International Tomorrow’s World Presentations

After a hiatus because of the COVID pandemic, our international TWPs have significantly ramped up in 2022. As of August 2, we have had 43 TWPs outside of the United States this year. Almost 30,000 invitations have been sent out, resulting in 553 visitors. This represents TWPs conducted in Canada, Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. Later this year, plans are for TWPs in South Africa. Thank you for your prayers for the presentations!

Update of the Work in the French Language

This week we published a new telecast titled “The Christian Sabbath: Saturday or Sunday?,” presented by Mr. Richard Ames and offering the booklet Which Day Is the Christian Sabbath? We also published a new whiteboard called “Which Gospel Did Jesus Preach?,” offering the booklet: Do You Believe the True Gospel?

We have witnessed significant growth of the Bible Study Course in French lately. The number of requests has been increasing each month, with 84 requests in April, 188 in May, 229 in June, and 231 in July. Similarly, we have noticed an increase for the booklet titled John 3:16—Hidden Truths of the Golden Verse. The previous average was 20 requests a month, but this July, there were 137 requests for that booklet.

Feast of Tabernacles

U.S. Feast Speaking Schedules

The Feast of Tabernacles speaking schedules for the United States have all been sent out. If you have been assigned to give a message at the Feast, please be aware that the titles of the messages are due at Headquarters no later than September 16. Please submit your titles to the Coordinator of your Feast site, who will submit them to Headquarters. The international speaking schedules are being reviewed and will be sent out soon.

Two More U.S. Feast of Tabernacles Sites Closed to Further Transfers

This last week two additional sites were closed to further transfers: St. Augustine, Florida, and Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

The sites listed below are closed to additional transfers:

  • Boerne, Texas
  • Branson, Missouri
  • Hilton Head Island, South Carolina
  • Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
  • St. Augustine, Florida
  • South Padre Island, Texas

The sites below are open and welcome transfers:

  • Florence, Oregon
  • Fontana, Wisconsin
  • LaGrange, Georgia
  • Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri
  • Midway, Utah
  • New Bern, North Carolina
  • Poconos, Pennsylvania
  • San Diego, California
  • Sandusky, Ohio
  • Williamsburg, Virginia

Living Youth Program

Texas Preteen Camp

After a two-year break due to COVID, the Preteen Camp in Athens, Texas, resumed this year with both campers and staff making up for lost time! Our cozy camp included 23 campers, 25 adult staff, 6 teen staff, and 6 mini-campers. Activities included archery, paddle-boarding, swimming, derby car racing, gaga ball, and of course, Christian Living classes. Our theme this year was Romans 1:20, focusing on God as Creator, the vastness of the universe, and our Godly inheritance. Evening activities included a movie explaining the vastness of our Milky Way galaxy, and a balloon-twisting creation for each of the campers. Thursday evening’s Fun Show proved to be one of the best I have seen in all my years serving at preteen camps. We enjoyed delicious meals, snacks, and occasional treats, including s’mores and root beer floats. The camp was organized yet relaxed, with everyone stepping up to serve one another and create an atmosphere of fun and learning. Thank you to everyone—both campers and staff—who made this Texas Preteen Camp an amazing success!—Phil West

West Virginia Preteen Camp

More than 100 campers, mini-campers, staff, teen staff, and parents have enjoyed the beauty and peace of the West Virginia mountains this week. Our first day began with the threat of rain, but God limited it to just brief showers, followed by beautiful afternoon sunshine and a gentle breeze. The gorgeous weather has enhanced a wide array of camp activities. Campers have been very attentive and in great attitudes, and the staff has worked as a team to provide a loving and encouraging environment for our campers to grow and thrive. Our sing-along, complete with a campfire, was a great success and ended with a song written by the late John Denver, “Country Roads”—which features a reflection on the specialness of West Virginia. God’s hand was evident as campers repeatedly saw the reality of our camp theme: “God’s Way Works!”—Scott Winnail


The Value of Wisdom: We live in an increasingly secular and materialistic world where people strive to gain many physical things—money, homes, cars, and fame. Yet Solomon wrote that of all we acquire in life, “wisdom is the principal thing” and it is worth more that gold (Proverbs 4:7; 16:16). Jesus stressed the importance of wisdom, and we are told that as He grew up, “Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men” (Luke 2:52). The Apostle Paul urged Christians to use wisdom in dealing with others (Colossians 4:5). The Bible reveals that the key to gaining wisdom is learning to fear God and live by every word of God (Proverbs 1:7; 9:10). We are told to ask God for wisdom (James 1:5) and to seek wisdom by studying the Scriptures (Deuteronomy 4:1–10; 2 Timothy 3:15), and to listen to older and wiser people (Proverbs10:1; 15:7; 18:15). If we follow these instructions, we can become more like Jesus Christ and the wise God whom we worship (Romans 16:27; Philippians 2:5).

Have a profitable Sabbath,
Douglas S. Winnail

News and Prophecy—August 4, 2022

German-led Group of Nations Signs Energy Agreement: “Germany, Austria, Czechia, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia have signed a memorandum of understanding on risk preparedness and solidarity in the electricity sector as the danger of blackouts becomes more realistic in light of the dwindling energy supplies coming from Russia” (Euractiv.com, June 28, 2022). In anticipation of a difficult winter, thanks to energy uncertainty from their Russian energy source, these nations agreed to work proactively to put alternative energy sources in place in case of a “worst case scenario.”

The agreement puts forth numerous alternatives should the Russian gas supply be turned off, including cross-border sharing of electricity, sharing of technical expertise, sharing of portable generators, and more. The looming crisis is forcing these European nations not only to consider alternatives, but also to work even more closely together on issues that have been viewed previously as domestic issues.

Crises are known to breed creativity and sometimes new levels of cooperation, and the current energy threat in Europe is no different. This agreement was signed by Germany and five other nations—but why might this be significant? The book of Revelation reveals that ten kings or nations will eventually give their power over to the “beast” for a brief period just before the return of Jesus Christ (see Revelation 17). This looming energy crisis could be an example of an international situation that could contribute to driving the end-time ten kings together. This recently signed agreement shows how quickly external threats can move nations to cooperate and how quickly the long-prophesied Beast of Revelation could arise. To learn more, watch our telecast titled “The Beast of Revelation.”

Is a “Middle East NATO” Coming? Is it possible that Arab nations of the Middle East could create a military alliance? Until recently, this idea would have been ludicrous to many, given the centuries of infighting among these nations. But today, this possibility is far more likely to become a reality. Recently, Jordan’s king “made headlines when he told journalists that he would support a military alliance in the Middle East that was similar to NATO” (Deutsche Welle, June 30, 2022). At secret meetings in Egypt, representatives from Saudi Arabia, Israel, Qatar, Egypt, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain met to discuss common defense issues. As the U.S. pulls out, Middle Eastern nations are beginning to consider that they must work together for their own defense. They also recognize that including Israel is crucial in order to benefit from Israel’s advanced military technologies.

While experts warn us not to expect a “Middle East NATO” anytime soon, Bible prophecies indicate something different. The prophet Daniel was inspired to write of a “king of the South” that will come on the scene at the end of the age. This “king” represents a group of Arab nations that will unite against a coming German-led European “king of the North” (see Daniel 11). In addition, God inspired the psalmist to prophesy of an alliance among Middle Eastern nations that will, at least for a time, include Germany, or Assyria (see Psalm 83). Bible prophecies identify many players on the world scene at the end of the age. Although specific details are lacking, major actions that will shape world affairs are described in the pages of Scripture. To learn what the future holds, especially as it relates to the Middle East and Europe, be sure to read “War in the Middle East and the Coming King of the South.”—Scott Winnail, Francine Prater, and Gregory Dennis