Living Church News

Volume 19, No. 2, March/April 2017

Our Youth Are Under Attack!

Personal Roderick C. Meredith (1930-2017)

Dear Brethren and Friends,

The "Foot Washing" Way of Life

Editorial Roderick C. Meredith (1930-2017)

At this Passover season, it is helpful to consider many of the lessons we should learn from the Passover and Days of Unleavened Bread. We will all remember the powerful “foot washing” example set by Jesus Christ just before the…

Three Things Nailed to the Cross

Dexter B. Wakefield

In 31ad in ancient Judea, the day of the Passover would have been a busy one. It was the first of the year’s three Festival seasons, and the Feast of the Passover (Nisan 14) is also the day of preparation for the First Day of Unleavened Bread (Nisan…

Did He Rise?

Wallace G. Smith

Unlike many of the religious faiths and philosophies of the world, Christianity is rooted in fact and history. We proclaim that certain facts of our faith took place in real history, seen and heard by real people.

Feast on the Bread of Life

John H. Ogwyn (1949-2005)

Jesus Christ declared to a great crowd of His listeners, “I am the bread of life. He who comes to Me shall never hunger, and he who believes in Me shall never thirst” (John 6:35). These words were spoken at one of the early Passover seasons of Jesus…

A Profitable Day

Woman to Woman Faye League

It is quite common today to use the expression “Have a nice day!” when we take our leave of someone. It creates a very encouraging and positive effect.