Living Church News

Volume 21, No. 2, March/April 2019

The Ceremony You Don’t Want to Miss!

Personal Gerald E. Weston

Dear Brethren,

A Pig’s Tale

Dexter B. Wakefield

In many nations, owners of small farms raise hogs for family use. The pigs eat the farmer’s garbage and the farmer eats the pigs. This is an ancient method of recycling, although an unhealthy one that the Bible definitely forbids!

A Living Education

Jonathan McNair

The new, member-focused educational effort of the Living Church of God has adopted a name that has meaning both for our program in general and for each of us individually.

Taste and See That the Lord Is Good!

Wallace G. Smith

During the Days of Unleavened Bread, we often focus our messages and personal study on the Bible’s use of leavening as a metaphor for sin. Sin “puffs us up” like leavening puffs up bread, and leavening spreads through dough, just like sin spreads…