Living Church News

Volume 24, No. 2, March/April 2022

Why the Holy Days?

Personal Gerald E. Weston

Dear Brethren, Why does God have us rehearse His biblical Festivals and Holy Days year after year? The answer that appears most obvious is that we as humans tend to forget and need a continual reminder. This is true, but…

Strive to Conquer Sin Completely

Richard F. Ames

Overcoming our sinful nature is a lifelong battle, but one we can win with the right approach.

Complaining or Completion?

Mark Sandor

Life is hard—but it’s even hard when we complain! How can we turn off complaining and tune up perseverance and faith?

Hezekiah’s Humility: A Lesson in Overcoming Tests and Trials

Rand Millich

A true lesson in humility from a king who maintained his faith in God.

“Submission” Is Not a Dirty Word

Woman to Woman Janth B. English

With a right understanding, “submission” in a godly household doesn’t mean what the world’s social engineers want women to think.