LCG Publications

The Living Church of God offers free articles, booklets, and literature on Christian living, prophecy, and God's plan for all mankind. The LCG publishes the Tomorrow's World magazine and television program.

Booklets can be ordered, read (HTML), downloaded (PDF), or placed on eBooks (EPUB) and Kindle (MOBI). 

Written commentaries are archived from 1999 through the current date.

Living Church News is the Church's bi-monthly congregational update. It is also full of deep spiritual articles. This index is archived back to 1999.

Tomorrow's World Magazine may be viewed or printed (PDF) and are archived going back to 1999. Here you will also find Woman to Woman articles archived back to 2012 and News and Prophecy archived back to 2013.

Tomorrow's World Telecast
Also available are an upcoming presentation schedule, Dr. Meredith’s archived online presentations, telecast presentations, video shorts, and webcasts.

Tomorrow’s World Bible Study Course
Options include:

  1. delivered to your home and completed by mail
  2. delivered to your home with online tests
  3. take the course entirely online
  4. enroll in the LU course “THL 110,” which is based on the Tomorrow’s World Bible Study Course.

A repository of sermons given by LCG ministers dates back to 2003.